If we communicate to our client that our lawyer is involved, they will consider us too aggressive


“If we communicate to our client that our lawyer is involved, they will consider us too aggressive. Then they will involve their lawyer too, and things will get complicated.”

Based on false assumptions, the phrase above is still used too often.Involving legal support in a business transaction from its very beginning should not assume that you are not open to the deal and that you don’t trust your counterparty.It communicates exactly the opposite – that you are seriously approaching the transaction, that you have established internal processes, and that you are responsible enough to involve competent experts for every aspect of the transaction.

The times when lawyers were only in charge of resolving problems are far behind us.

A modern lawyer knows your business, understands your internal processes, and supports you in achieving your goals, mitigating risks out of the transaction.Resolving disputes before the court can be perceived as a victory, but at what price? Rather than perceiving them only as a court case solver, try including your lawyers in a transaction structuring process as an added value to your business.

Thus, you’ll be able to focus on a business and all the positive effects only a good and healthy business deal can bring.

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