Topic for a relaxed summer weekend


Which topic four entrepreneurs, two of them being lawyers, could discuss during a relaxed summer weekend?

Seneca, of course!

Was Seneca right or did he just see it from one perspective?

Hard work and expertise are the fundamentals, of course, but is there something else to it?

What brings good opportunities to our business?

When a random acquaintance with no obvious business perspective leads to a decade of great collaboration, is it something that we provoked (and deserved!) due to our previous efforts or just a lucky coincidence?

Is it possible to have a logical explanation for all the events that led us to our business success?

Obviously, the weekend was too short to reach an agreement on this one. However, we agreed on one thing - so many business moments became unforgettable memories.

Whether we were prepared enough to meet the right opportunities, or just lucky enough, it doesn’t really matter.

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