Yesterday was the official Take Your Child to Work Day


Did you know that yesterday was the official Take Your Child to Work Day?

As virtual meeting platforms became the norm, and we've let our colleagues and clients into our homes, the imaginary walls constructing our business worlds came shattering down. And guess who's there—just doing their own thing behind the camera?

The kids!

Overnight it became acceptable to show how children take center stage in our lives. There's an opportunity we should grasp here, and that's incorporating our personality and set of skills parenthood brings into our business integrity.

This is the way for the business environment to take a permanent turn for the better. Hopefully, attending a school meeting during working hours will no longer be perceived as a lack of engagement or commitment to work. Show your co-workers the little ones who make you smile every single day.

And show or tell your kids about your job, let them ask questions. Embrace it, enjoy it, do it with integrity; it's your journey.

This photo was taken in a bank, in April 2017. While we were supporting Albert to incorporate CircuitMess, baby Lovro seemed to be more entertained in understanding smartphone specifications.

What a day!

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